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  • Cathy S. says:

    I’d go to the dentist, sit in the chair, almost get numb and then begin to have a panic attack and have to leave. There seemed to be no hope. This happened three times. The dentist I was going to had not suggestions other than hospitalization for dentistry. I looked in the phone book and read about Dr. Droege’s Sedation. It was a God send for me. I can relax through dental work and don’t have panic attacks. I have recommended this office to a lot of people!! It’s the only way to go.

  • Rod W. says:

    After many dental disasters—starting with being hit in the mouth with a rock at age seven—I had a fear of going to the dentist. I would highly recommend sedation dentistry because Dr. Droege and his entire staff of Breese Dental Care are kind and caring people who put me entirely at ease and eliminated my fear of going to the dentist. After my last check-up, I heard, “No cavities, everything looks good” for the first time in my 65 plus years.

  • Barbara S. says:

    Great People, Great Office and the very best dental care.

  • Linda Jakel says:

    I came to Breese Dental after meeting Kathy Droege at Action Connection BNI. She shared how they care for their patients and the services that they offer and I decided to try them. I was extremely pleased. I feel like your smile is the most important thing you put on every day and I want them helping me with mine.

  • BreeseDentalCare says:

    Thanks Linda! We are so glad you want us to help you with your smile.

  • Justin McLaughlin says:

    My entire family goes to Breese Dental! They are so good with children!!!
    Proud customer for life.

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